# Changelog

What we actually did and why. Do you have some feedback? Please let us know.


Still going...

# Newbies


The year of getting all on board and set some standards to our ecosystem.

# Team

Contributte organization has 2 new members.

This year our hardworking member @mabar (opens new window) goes his own way. Thank you for the fish.

# Acquisitions

We are glad to introduce you newcomes repositories from Gamee (opens new window), Joseki (opens new window), Oops (opens new window) manufature.

# Newbies

# Focus


We are moving from Travis to Github Actions. It seems they can provider better developer experience (DX) and are really faaast.

New Readmes

Our preciouse readme(s) have new look & feel.


We are working hard to standardise all repositories to single development mainline (QA, tests, phpstan, readme).


We are focuing on user-friendly pages and speed. Images are served from CDN (https://imagekit.io/ (opens new window)).


This is a recap for 2019 for Contributte ecosystem.

# Standards

# Team

Contributte organization has 2 new members.

# Acquisitions

@paveljanda (opens new window) is finally fully part of the contributte organization. That's good news. We're working to bring you more packages from ublaboo to contributte.

# Focus


Static site generation proved its potential. Other world famouse sites are using static site generating. VuePress builds site into HTML + CSS + JS and these files are hosted on ZEIT (opens new window).


This is a recap for 2018 for Contributte ecosystem.

# Standards

Transform to contributte (composer, namespace, codesniffer, PHP 7.1):


Create PSR-based repositories for Nette/Contributte applications:

# New packages

We still have been missing some tiny integrations of:

  • Monolog
  • Redis
  • Facebook
  • Symfony Validator
  • Symfony Translator
  • Google

These packages have their implementations in Kdyby (Validator (opens new window), Monolog (opens new window), etc..). But Kdyby has unsure/unpredictable future and Kdyby's integrations are little bit fat (my feelings only).

# Acquisitions


We've been working with @paveljanda (opens new window) on big top-secret project about contributte and ublaboo. First swallow you could notice in contributte/application repository (opens new window).


We've been working with @mabar (opens new window) / @enumag (opens new window) on back-porting Arachne (opens new window) into Contributte (opens new window). See more in special issue, #2 (opens new window), for that transfer.

# Cleanup

I'm not quite sure how to deal with some empty repositories. There're some good ideas and thoughts, but I don't have enough time. Maybe others? We'll see.

# Team

Contributte organization consists of 10 members, at this time.

Thank you guys for being in Contributte and try to do your best. Some of them improve 1 repository, some improve more then one.

# Website

Contributte is not a small project, we need a website. I would like to create something similar to this website (https://docusaurus.io/docs/en/installation.html (opens new window)), I like the schema/layout a lot.

We'll probably use Hugo as static generator, unless there'll a be big mind-changer in usage.

The game-changer in static sites generators is Vuepress (https://vuepress.vuejs.org/ (opens new window)), looks simple and powerful. But I'm not sure how to handle multi-repo documentation.

We need to discuss it deeper.

# Playground

In Contributte we have the main goal to show stable and working packages to others, thus we are building our playground (opens new window).

For now, there is just API example, which is quite old and contributte/api has been transformed into Apitte anyway. Latest example of working API is in contributte/apitte-skeleton (opens new window).

We need to focus more on playground, examples and tutorials to spread our packages. Don't you think guys? Sure, you do.

Let's create some examples:

  • contributte/console
  • contributte/event-dispatcher
  • contributte/middlewares
  • contributte/forms + recaptcha
  • and many others...

# Ideas

I am still active in Java development and there's a cool feature called monads. I would like to have someting similar in Contributte.

Some articles:

More then less we have done a hell great job and thanks to all guys around us.


The idea of Contributte is growing. People are joining, that's great.

More packages have been created:


The main idea was born. Here is described (opens new window) my (Felix) little journey, what I am doing, etc.

First package in Contributte was console (opens new window).