# Contributing

We are happy to see you contributing into our ecosystem.

Let's picture you woud like to improve following repository contributte/bare.

  1. Clone particular repository, git clone git@github.com:contributte/bare.git.
  2. Create a new branch git checkout -b feature/foobar.
  3. Install dependencies.
    • PHP composer install.
    • NPM npm install.
  4. Discover Makefile file.
    • Check codestyle make cs.
    • Repair codestyle make csf.
    • Run phpstan make phpstan.
    • Run tests make tests.
    • Calculate coverage make coverage.
  5. Change the code.
  6. Commit all changes git add . & git commit -a "Feature: added new foobar".
  7. Push the new branch git push origin feature/foobar.
  8. Open PR at particular repository contributte/bare/pulls.
  9. Profit and glory!