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# Goal

Main goal is to provide webpack starter-kit project for Nette developers.

# Demo (opens new window)

# Installation

You will need PHP 8.1+ and Composer (opens new window).

Create project using composer.

composer create-project -s dev contributte/webpack-skeleton acme

Install Composer dependencies: composer install or make install

Install NPM dependencies: npm install or make install

Now you have application installed. It's time to run it.

# Startup


The easiest way is to use php built-in web server.

php -S -t www

Or via make dev.

Then visit http://localhost:8000 (opens new window) in your browser.


If you want to compile assets, call npm run start.

If you need watcher, call npm run watch, it will watch your codebase and rebuild assets.

If you want build for production, call npm run build.

If you want start webpack development server with HRM, call npm run dev, open http://localhost:8080 (opens new window) in your browser.

Or via make webpack.

# Features

  • 👍 Nette 3+
  • 👍 Webpack 5+
    • 🎉 extracting JS to single bundle
    • 🎉 extracting CSS to single file
    • 🎉 more bundles (front/admin/vendor)
  • 👍 Snippets
    • 🎉 few snippets
  • 👍 Nette Form
    • 🎉 AJAX submitting
    • 🎉 form builder
      • empty value on control (@ in email)
      • validation rules (filled + email)
      • simple filter (transform email to lowercase)
      • onValidate / onSubmit / onSuccess
    • 🎉 manual rendering
      • success snippet / error snippet
      • required class on form-group
      • description on control

# Screenshots

# Development

See how to contribute (opens new window) to this package.

This package is currently maintaining by these authors.

Consider to support (opens new window) contributte development team. Also thank you for using this project.