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# Disclaimer

⚠️ This project is no longer being maintained.
Composer minetro/ghpage (opens new window)

# Documentation

Lightweight static page generator written in Nette ( (opens new window)).

# Install

composer create-project minetro/ghpage:dev-master

# Setup

  1. Select your template

There are several templates you can use it for.

Prepared - you can choose it from the list

Custom - you could make it by your own

  1. Fill your template

You have customized text in the template by your own.

  1. Generate static files

By command generate you create static HTML files.

  1. Deploy to your repository

To deploing, you can use deploy command.

# Development

This package was maintain by these authors.

Consider to support (opens new window) contributte development team. Also thank you for being used this package.