Contributte Commits-site

# nette commits (opens new window)

Aggregation of all nette (opens new window)/* repositories.

# Setup

  1. fork and clone the project
  2. create empty database for the project
  3. copy config/local.neon.template to config/local.neon and configure it properly:
    • database for database connection
    • githubAPI for GitHub API token - generate one here (opens new window) with public access
  4. run make install

# Synchronization

During the synchronization process, all commits from all repositories are being synchronized.

You can run the synchronization either via console command

php bin/console synchronize

or via HTTP GET request


You can set this as a CRON job to run every 5 minutes.

To prevent the synchronization to run multiple times at one time, the Symfony Lock (opens new window) component is used.