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# Goal

Main goal is to provide skeleton for contributte/api-router (opens new window) library.

Focused on:

  • latest PHP 8
  • nette/* packages

# Demo (opens new window)

# Installation

To install latest version of contributte/api-router-skeleton use Composer (opens new window).

composer create-project -s dev contributte/api-router-skeleton acme

Start PHP development server via make dev.

And take a look at:

# Get Started

  • Using contributte/api-router for routing
  • Implementing IPresenter in endpoints (App\Controllers\LoginController) instead of extending UI\Presenter
  • Extending ApiResponse from Nette JsonResponse, just to make it more simple to add more custom headers and so on
  • LoginController and ErrorController is using ApiResponseFormatter for formatting succes message, payload data or and exception

# Development

See how to contribute (opens new window) to this package.

This package is currently maintained by these authors.

Consider to support (opens new window) contributte development team. Also thank you for using this package.