Modern PHP/PSR7 API framework build on top of Nette Framework

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Prepared and developed with PHP-FIG PHP/PSR-7 in mind. Use familiar HTTP PSR-7 objects in your code and do not learn any proprietary solutions.


Enjoy standardized REST APIs documentation in OpenAPI format and use famous Swagger API tools. Make your API discoverable in seconds.

Content negotiation

Represent output data in many forms. Develop with .debug representation and download as .csv or whatever else only by URL suffix change.


Develop rich API apps witch complex behaviour in simple and readable form by composing custom middlewares.

Fast debug

Find problems, log errors, dump variables and debug in seconds thanks to full Tracy library integration.

Dependency injection

Based on fully featured Nette Dependency Injection container. Make your apps simple readable and testable.

Open source

Released under MIT license. Fork it, modify it, use it in your way.

Nette Framework

Do you need rich API solution for your Nette Framework application? We prepared direct integration for you.

REST ready

Create fully customizable and validated rich REST APIs. Make more versions of your REST API in moments.